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次亞塩素酸水 - 消毒噴霧 - 免洗消毒液 (日本制) - Rinse-less Disinfectant Spray (Made in Japan) 容量 : 190ml (強效配方)

適用於家居、辦公室、室內,手、皮膚的消毒、醫療衛生機構、公共場所和家庭的一般表面、醫療設備、飲食工具、織物、水果、蔬菜等的消毒。也可用於消毒幼兒玩具、衣物、寵物用品, 安全有效, 無須過水。方便攜帶。 次氯酸消毒劑除有效消毒,去除霉菌,降低空氣中有害氣體的敏感性和分解作用外,不含任何揮發性有機化合物。 對人體和寵物安全無害,處理後無殘留水分,並以環保理念提供最安全,最優質的殺菌消毒效果。

Suitable for Home, office, all surfaces. Take it everywhere you go! The new hypochlorous acid disinfectant, in addition to effective disinfection, mildew removal, desensitisation, and decomposition of harmful gases in the air, does not contain any volatile organic compounds.Safe and harmless to human body and pets, no residual moisture after treatment, providing the safest and highest quality sterilisation and disinfection efficiency with environmental protection concept.

SB Spray 白色噴霧裝

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